Treasury Wine EstatesTreasury Wine Estates is one of the world’s largest wine companies.  I worked as part of a team on a large-scale project to move their Australian brand portfolio onto a common Sitecore platform. This consists of around 20 websites including the Treasury Wine Estates homepage pictured here.  I was hired as a Front End Developer to help deliver three customisable base templates and modular components which would be used platform-wide.

One of the main challenges was inheriting a bloated and convoluted SASS framework upon which a few legacy sites still had to rely.  This meant every CSS decision had to be considered very carefully so as not to impact anything else.

I was able to make significant improvements to the SASS framework by simplifying unnecessary or careless coding; thereby making the sites easier to maintain into the future and increasing site performance by reducing unnecessary CSS rendering.

Annies Lane WebsiteAs a senior programmer, I was also responsible for delegating coding work to Offshore partners and subsequent revision and quality control.  I took an active lead in solving mobile compatibility issues.

The project, having outsourced design had sigificant time and cost bottlenecks in that arena.  Having a strong graphics background, I was able to bypass this bottleneck and make significant savings in time and money by taking care of many design duties in-house.

Magill Estate Restaurant WebsiteMagill Estate Restaurant. The company were happy to use my design choices to flesh out this website and several others, negating the need to go back to the graphic design house for each new brand which was time consuming and costly.

Matua Website Matua Website

Matua wines website, showing two levels of the wine catalogue, scroll-down navigation and related wines carousel.  Becuase of the common Sitecore platform, data about wines and awards is readily available for further integration into e-commerce or Company-wide catalogues.

Visit Treasury Wine Estates homepage or have a look at Matua.