Custom WordPress theme with Gutenberg BlocksCustom WordPress theme and application that I coded for HeiDesign digital agency who designed the front-end.

Raising awareness for Phenylketonuria (PKU) – a debilitating, rare genetic metabolic disorder, affecting approximately 1,600 Australians.

The website is a hub for participants to play the Protein Challenge, where they limit their protein intake for a day and get sponsorship pledges to raise funds for Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association of Australia.

Players and teams can make and share a profile, set their ‘play date’ and create diary entries about their experience.

Other users can pledge funds to a players or a team or donate without making a pledge.

The website includes a meal planner + protein calculator to help prepare for the big day.  The meal plans can be saved and shared.

Mobile view of Gutenberg Block

The site is compatible with international translation and will be released in several countries following it’s initial release in Australia.

Advanced reporting tools were built in to the back end to help Admins manage the challenge.

Custom Gutenberg blocks make sure layout is consistent and easily acheived by content editors.

Customisation of GiveWP Plugin

The launch of the site was delayed due to covid but you can view the current staging site here