Working under contract to Larkscapes GWD in Brunswick, I have done extensive front and back end work for keDesign, a homewares manufactuer in Melbourne.

Improved eCommerce experience exampleThe client was worried that the shopping and checkout process might be hindering sales.  We concluded that there were several ways in which we could improve and simplify the consumer experience.

Firstly the shopping flow was improved by reducing the number of interactions needed to purchase and checkout.  The UX flow was also tweaked, making it a lot clearer to a non-web-savvy consumer what is going on.

Then, checkout and payment templates were modified to be simpler and easier to navigate.  Load times were dramatically improved by implementing proper image managment and pagination.  And an eWay credit card checkout option was implemented to give a simpler alternative to the existing PayPal checkout.

After the upgrades, client sales were up considerably – proving the importance of good UX design, especially in eCommerce.

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Improved Ecommerce experience


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