Image ManipulationI offer graphic art services such as digital re-touching, image modification, compositing and creative image manipulation.

Commissioned as a wedding invite, this image is based on the famous MC Escher lithograph, “Bond of Union”.

The aim was to replace the faces of the characters and create a finished art piece that could be used on the invite and also framed at A3 size.

Image ManipulationFirstly, a scan of the original image was cleaned up then adjusted to square. The bride and groom were posed in similar positions to the original characters and photographed.  Crucial facial details were then extracted from the photos, processed with several filters and merged into the original image. The facial details were blended in using paint and clone tools.

Edges and other pieces of the artwork were retouched before a final levels and contrast adjustment.

Image ManipulationThis image displays a composition of assets created for an Offworld Productions event.  This image and related assets  were used in promotional materials and in video projections.

The background is made up of several composited elements.  The alien was hand-drawn, scanned then re-painted in Photoshop.

The event related to this graphic art was called “Forbidden Planet” so in honor of the movie with the same name, I lifted the female character an old movie poster.  Levels, selective colour and lighting adjustments were applied to help her blend into the scene.