Graphic Design for PrintFinished artwork and graphic design for printed products and integrated campaigns.

Delivering quality press-ready artwork – for any size and any printing press.

Graphic Design for PrintThis flyer, produced for Genesis Festival incorporates organic and tribal elements and subtly utilises image flipping techniques and symmetry that are common in designs for the target market.

As the run size was limited to A5, a large font size was used to maximise readability of the headliners at a distance or in a nightclub environment.

Graphic Design for PrintThis full-colour flyer made for Offworld Productions strives to present a clean design that still maintains complexity.

The top and bottom of the design revolve around a spiral motif.  The five rings and colours of the spiral reflect the fact it was Offworld’s 5th birthday.

The layers of stars and geometric ‘clouds’ which form the backdrop are overliad with a semi-transparent grid which gives a sense of depth and movement through space.  Areas around the text are judiciously under-painted to improve readability.

The assets used in this design were also adapted for video projection, web use and a Facebook campaign.

Graphic Design for PrintGraphic Design for Print

These days, printed promotion rarely exists alone and most of the work I do requires assets to be useful for web as well as print designs.  My extensive knowledge of prepress, colour spaces and profiles, file types and print processes means I can deliver artwork packages that deliver consistent performance across devices and media types.

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