Launching a new business or need to upgrade your look? We offer design of corporate and brand identity which unifies feel across print and web media: Logo design, style guides, colors and other visual assets related to brand identity.

Logo and Brand IdentityHere we see parts of the branding, color pallete and visual assets created for Innercalm Counselling.  The lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth is at the core of the logo and other visual assets.

The feminine influence of the flower is offset by a serif font.  The warming red hues of the logo are supported by calming blues which function as background and headline colors in designs based around this theme.

Logo and Brand IdentityOffworld Productions’ logo and color scheme is represented here.  The word in the logo was shaped using the NASA space shuttle as inspiration.  A trail from the back of the word represents the shuttle leaving the earth and flying into space.

The logo is layered with digital imagery to give a complex yet subtle texture.  A basic 2D stamp render shows how this logo translates well to basic print applications.

The banner image shown here is used on Facebook and contains some of the elements which make up the Offworld brand identity such as the geometric cloud patterns and deep-space color pallete.  These assets have also been produced for video projection.

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